Retailers often use web design techniques to encourage customers to make purchases, sometimes referred to as "dark patterns."

These design techniques can be misleading or manipulative, making it difficult for consumers to make informed decisions or complete transactions without inadvertently signing up for additional services or paying more than they intended.

For example, some retailers may use "nudge" tactics, such as placing certain products or options in more prominent positions or using bright colours or animation to draw attention to certain features. Others may use "forced action" tactics, such as requiring customers to click through several pages or checkboxes before they can complete a purchase or opt-out of additional services.

Other techniques include "sneak into basket" tactics, where items are added automatically to a customer's shopping cart without their knowledge or consent, and "bait and switch" tactics, where a product is advertised at a low price but the actual price is much higher.

While these design techniques can be effective in increasing sales, they can also erode customer trust and lead to negative reviews or complaints. As a consumer, it's important to be aware of these tactics and carefully review all options and costs before making a purchase online.

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