What is Joomla 5?

Joomla 5 marks a significant milestone, introducing a host of new features, security enhancements, and performance improvements. Under the hood, everything has been redesigned, reimagined, and restructured to leverage the latest server languages.

Most notably, Joomla 5.0 is designed to grow alongside you and your business. A noteworthy change is the transition from calling the upgrade from Joomla 4.4.x to Joomla 5.x a migration to an upgrade.

Whether you're an individual, blogger, charity, web agency, or multinational corporation, Joomla remains an excellent choice for your needs!

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What new features are in Joomla 5? Dark Mode in Administrator: Joomla 5 offers an enhanced dark mode, not only for users but also for administrators.

Web Assets and Caching: Numerous improvements have been made to web asset caching. Integration: Automatic activation of data for organization and site names enhances search engine optimization.

Code Optimization: Speed improvements are achieved through automatic source code optimization using the phpcs fixer.

PHP & Bootstrap Updates: Improved compatibility with PHP 8+ and an update to Bootstrap 5.3.2 ensure the platform remains up-to-date.

User Interface: Enhancements to dark mode for the Atum administrator template and the introduction of a new Joomla modal window for select buttons promise a smoother user experience.

Tools & Plugins: The TinyMCE editor is updated to version 6.7 with added image alignment features. Several scheduled tasks have been moved to scheduler plugins, enhancing system performance.

Media Management: AVIF support in the media manager and the ability to exclude archived content from smart search indexing improve media handling capabilities.

Menu Sorting: Customize the menu order to your preference.

Enhanced Security: Events have been migrated to their classes, and the removal of no longer functional Recaptcha plugins enhances security.

Modern Technologies: Internal code restructuring focuses on utilizing more modern APIs. Added JS Import map support for Web Asset Manager and deprecated fixes for PHP 8.2.

Extensions & Compatibility: Joomla 5 introduces Fontawesome 6.4, Codemirror 6, and updates its Webauthn Library. Notably, Joomla now requires PHP 8.1, MySQL 8.0.13+, MariaDB 10.4+, and PostgreSQL 12+ for optimal performance.

Cleaner Code Base: Joomla 5 places a strong emphasis on code cleanliness, transitioning from older APIs, removing es5 support, and other code cleanups to ensure efficient operation.

Joomla 5 embodies modern CMS requirements, offering users a blend of speed, security, and an intuitive user experience.

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Joomla 4 is the latest version of the Joomla content management system (CMS). It features a modernized user interface, improved performance, accessibility, media manager, privacy tools, custom fields, upgraded framework, and improved SEO features. Joomla 4 is a major update that brings many new features and improvements, making it an ideal choice for businesses and organisations that want to create and manage powerful websites.

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